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Original Creations
for sale by Madonna Kettler, PhD

CD's $15.00 each or 3 for $30.00

These products and MORE will soon be available for MP3 audio download through


Enhance Divine Communication (Self-Hypnosis)
Experience deep relaxation while in a safe, mild trance. Connect with your higher guidance. Enhance your psychic and intuitive gifts. Fly with your spirit helpers! A fantastic collaboration of channeled words with music by B. Ray Sibley.*
Click here for brief .mp3 sample

Letting Go of Fear (Self-Hypnosis)
Relax while in a safe, mild trance as you let of fears and replace it with love. Increase the light within you as you pursue your "fear-less" journey! Music by B. Ray Sibley.*

Letting Go of Fear (Booklet)
 A 24-page booklet that assists you in releasing fear and replacing it with love. $1.00 each

Release! (Self-Hypnosis) NEW!
While listening to gentle, channeled music, and the quiet beating of a drum, relax as you tap, tap, tap away anything you are ready to release - pain, blame, fear, shame, unforgiveness - then bring in love and peace. When you are ready, this will help to facilitate the process of releasing, easily and effortlessly! Music by B. Ray Sibley.*

Relieve Stress-Live in Peace (Self-Hypnosis)
Train yourself to relax and relieve stress on all levels. Become less reactive and more proactive. Learn to live in peace, free from stress or anxiety...then emanate that tranquility to all that is! Music by B. Ray Sibley.*

Self-Acceptance (Self-Hypnosis) NEW!
An integral part of the I AM WOWED™ Program. The step prior to loving yourself unconditoinally is Self-Acceptance. Start BELIEVING in yourself! Lean to accept yourself without judgment, and to see yourself as the light you are. Train yourself to hold positive thoughts of peace, harmony, and self-acceptance for yourself and others.  Release expectations and live FREE TO BE... allow your light to shine/ Music by B. Ray Sibley.*

Self-Confidence, Success, and Health (Self-Hypnosis)
An exceptional experience that uses positive hypnotic suggestions combined with channeled music that helps facilitate balancing your charkas while you relax in a peaceful trance state.  Build your self-confidence, enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and magnetize the success you deserve into every part of your life.  Not your “average” self-hypnosis experience!  Music by B. Ray Sibley.*
Click here for brief .mp3 sample

Smoking Cessation (Self-Hypnosis)
Train yourself to release an addiction that no longer serves you. Relax while experiencing a light to medium trance. Create positive change in your life as you begin believing in yourself from your deepest core. Music by B. Ray Sibley.*
Click here for brief .mp3 sample

Unconditional Love - Suggestion (Self-Hypnosis) NEW!
An integral part of the I AM WOWED™ Program. Empower yourself to be all you can be, through the power of unconditional love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, it positively affects everyone and everything in our life. The positive, loving suggestions on this CD assist you in falling in love with yourself. Not self-ish love, but self-love. By listening to and accepting the suggestions on this CD, you release any blocks, distractions and even addictions that may have held you back in the past. The rhythm of a loving heart beats throughout the music to anchor the intentions of this session. Research associated with this CD shows lives that were dramatically changed in whatever way the subjects chose, when they "changed their minds" through the power of intention and decided to live a life filled with peace and love.  Music by B. Ray Sibley.*

Unconditional Love - Regression (Self-Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy) NEW!
An integral part of the I AM WOWED™ Program. This session is to be experienced AFTER having listened to the Uncondtional Love - Suggestion CD for 7-10 times. This is a regression session that guides you to a memory, either conscious or unconscious, this life or past-life, where you experienced unconditiona love. During the session you allow yourself to go deeper into relaxation because you are now more used to my voice. It will be easier for you to relax and let go in order to receive any information that will help you remember and experience unconditional love on a regular basis. Initially created for those of us who do not have conscious memory of receiving love, but also excellent for those who want MORE memories of unconditional love!  Music by B. Ray Sibley.*

Weight Release (Self-Hypnosis)
Experience wonderful relaxation and healing while in a safe, mild trance state as you release all the weight you desire. Create positive change in all aspects of your life as you decrease your size and expand your light, not your body! Music by B. Ray Sibley.*
Click here for brief .mp3 sample


Higher Connection (Meditation) NEW!
Move yourself to your next level of consciousness through breath, channeled music, and intention. Raise your vibration to whatever level you are ready for as you relax, breathe, and allow yourself to experience a profound connection with the highest realms of being, including a conscious connection with your creator, your Highest Self, your ancestors or guides - whatever is for your highest good. Enjoy the peacefulness of being in love. Music by B. Ray Sibley.*

Soul Walking - (Guided Meditation )
Soul Walking is a work of love that was guided by Spirit. The words and music take you deep into outer and inner space. The music, artwork, and words were intuitively channeled by each artist with the intention that you experience deep relaxation, you connect with your Higher Self, and that you receive special gifts of balance, enlightenment, and a deeper connection with your Creator. The vibration of the words and music envelop you as you connect with your Creator and take this wonderful journey Home. Music by B. Ray Sibley.* Artwork by Barbara Evan .


Be In Love Oracle Deck NEW! NEW! NEW!
Daily Guidance towards your journey into love. Can be used alone or in conjunction with the IAMWOWED Program as well as with other oracle decks. Each card intuitively designed by Artist Nathan Guice, each message channeled through Madonna. The guidebook and cards were printed locally in Silver City, NM and the sacred bags hand sewn by two women from Palomas, Mexico. Each deck was blessed, prayed upon, and  infused with loving energy throughout the process of creation.  

The accompanying Guidebook describes how to use the Be In Love Oracle Cards on a daily or as-needed basis. It illustrates positive, inspirational, and empowering messages that assist you in loving your Whole Self.  The artwork is intended to imprint these positive messages visually into your deepest self - easily and effortlessly. The combination of intuitive messages, numerological interpretation, meditative images and affirmations interact to assist in your personal transformation.

The message to “Be In Love” came to me while meditating on Bear Butte, a very sacred place in the Black Hills of SD. I have visited Bear Butte annually for the last 15+ years, taking myself and others on spiritual journeys. There were times when I received much information—had all kinds of spiritual experiences. On one of my very first visits, I was all excited about walking on the Butte, found a special place to be for that day, and the ONLY guidance I received was to "BE IN LOVE”.  Disappointed at the time, little did I know the profound impact these three words would have on my life. I am eternally grateful to the Butte for continually guiding and inspiring so many to live fully, peacefully, and  lovingly, as we come into remembering our eternal, spiritual selves.

Since I teach what I have experienced, it was MY life journey to BE IN LOVE, to move into loving myself,  unconditionally, without judgment, then sharing that journey with you. This oracle deck is one way I am choosing to assist you in this fantastic process!  Many blessings, and thank you for be-ing! Now order this deck and begin enjoying yourself, life, and every moment!

Highly Recommended by those who have purchased and used them!

Oracle Deck with Sacred Bag $33.00 each

Becoming Multisensory: A Process of Intuitive Decision Making
Dialogue, guided meditation and self-hypnosis tapes to faciltate your personal evoluation. This is an audio version of the workshop offered around the country! Designed to assist anyone wishing to empower themselves by using ALL of their senses, signs from nature, the dreamtime, and numerous other tools easily available once you heighten your awareness of all things. Discover tools that will enhance your intuitive abilities and allow you to make wise decisions, based in love, that are for the greater good of all. Includes one 90-min. instruction tape, three guided meditations and three self-hypnosis sessions to help you through each step of the process. Music by B. Ray Sibley.*
Audio Tape or CD $44.40 Per Set


Becoming Multisensory: A Guide to Discovering and Trusting your Inner Spirit

This book is a welcoming addition for any collection on transformational living.
Simple to follow, and easy to comprehend, for both the seasoned spiritual seeker and emerging whole-life student, Guice weaves the reader into her highly personal journey and easily documents the paths traveled by her, toward self-discovery and wholeness. This quick-read of a book (under 200 pages) gifts the reader with straight-forward storytelling to connect with Guice's past life experiences and history, the universal gifts that come with opening oneself to the spiritual realm, and best of all, the methods one can choose to achieve a greater sense of self and purpose to being alive on the planet. Appropriately used as a guide for personal transformation and healing, Becoming Multisensory includes the process of six steps a reader can choose to apply immediately in life, to manifest his or her own journey towards interpersonal transformation, healing, and discovery, regardless of prior education or training.
Guice interlaces her storytelling with food for thought--tidbits, when read and digested, feed the reader with additional guidance and insight, clarifying the narrative.

Chock full of quotes from some of Guice's favorite spiritual mentors, as well as offering the reader a vast list of recommended readings to continue the holistic journey to self-discovery, Becoming Multisensory is an invaluable resource for any person on the journey of spirit.

Book $14.95 each
Book on CD $22.00 each

(Four CD set, unabridged version of the book, recorded and mixed at Longshot Studios/BC Entertainment, Andover, Minnesota. Produced by Bill Campbell, and includes the song "Time for This," lyrics and music by Bill Campbell.)

Book Review

Becoming Multisensory: Book Review

*For more information about B. Ray Sibley, the products he sells and the fabulous music he creates, see "Links" or

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