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Birth, Death and the Afterlife
Remembering Who You Really Are

Review coming soon!


Birth, Death and the Afterlife: Book

Becoming Multisensory
A Guide to Discovering and Trusting your Inner Spirit

Book Review by Lori Seskin-Newman
Who on this planet wants a recipe to a better life, with more satisfying relationships, greater wealth, and an even more holistic sense of self? If you answered a big "yes" to any of those hidden or open desires, then Madonna Kettler's latest book Becoming Multisensory: A Guide to Discovering and Trusting your Inner Spirit is a must-read for your collection on transformational living.

Simple to follow, and easy to comprehend, for both the seasoned spiritual seeker and emerging whole-life student, Guice weaves you into her highly personal journey and easily documents the paths traveled by her, toward self-discovery and wholeness. This quick-read of a book (under 200 pages) gifts the reader with straight-forward storytelling to connect with Guice's past life experiences and history, the universal gifts that come with opening oneself to the spiritual realm, and best of all, the methods one can choose to achieve a greater sense of self and purpose to being alive on the planet. Appropriately used as a guide for personal transformation and healing, Becoming Multisensory includes the process of six steps a reader can choose to apply immediately in life, to manifest his or her own journey towards interpersonal transformation, healing, and discovery, regardless of prior education or training.

Guice, trained as a Master Hypnotherapist, interlaces her storytelling with food for thought-tidbits, when read and digested, feed the reader with additional guidance and insight, clarifying the narrative. Here's a morsel for you:

Food for Thought
There are no accidents, there is a reason for everything, and everything is in Divine Order. Everything is a gift; how we perceive things is up to us. When our attitude is an attitude of gratitude, there are very few days that are overly challenging. Even the day then I am in the deepest, darkest pit, I know on some level the challenges are assisting in my evolution. Our attitude is what makes the difference. Yes indeed, I have chosen some challenging experiences in this life, and these experiences got me to where I am now. I am eternally grateful.

Chock full of quotes from some of Guice's favorite spiritual mentors, as well as offering the reader a vast list of recommended readings to continue the holistic journey to self-discovery, Becoming Multisensory delivers the goods; just add yourself to the mix and create very own "success" recipe today.

Lori Shin, an energy healer, certified reflexologist, and graphics and communication specialist, flourishes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her two cats. Contact her at

Becoming Multisensory: the Book

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