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***** June Sloan, CHt, MHt, LBLt
"If you want to learn more about working with your BEING (conscious, subconscious, higher self), I would highly recommend Madonna Kettler's hypnosis training. Her classes have given me a foundation and the tools to continue my journey of self-discovery. Through her mastery of teaching methods I've learned I don't have to physically travel to another place...all I (or anyone else) has to do is go deeply within for answers...for change...for empowerment. Of all the modalities I have taken, I've not met a more knowledgeable yet kind and caring instructor than Madonna. Your life will be enriched as a result of taking her class!"


***** Caterinna Montauti, Student
"What I love about the teachings from Madonna is that she is absolutely true to her wisdom she is a person of ego-less, her integrity will empower you in a way that you never thought before. I am myself just better by choosing the right mentor."


***** Valerie Lis, MA, Courses for Life EFT Expert Practitioner-2, and EFT Universe Workshop Trainer College Faculty, Integrative Health and Healing.
"Madonna is a compassionate and wise healer, teacher, and leader. She was my first mentor in the field. It has been over a decade, and I continue to trust her guidance."


***** Ken S., Owner, ApacheGo Computer Services
"This is a wonderful site, I highly recommend it to everyone!"


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