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The Center for Inner Peace, LLC - Schedule for Aug to Dec 2016
- Broo
May 28-29 Albuquerque, NM - private sessions for clients.
June 5 - July 7 Minneapolis, MN - private sessions including the newly developed Vibrational Alignment & Balance Technique!!!
June 7,8,9, 12, & 13 Level 1 Hypnotherapy Certification - Brooklyn Park, MN Call for specifics or see "Certifications" on web site.
June 22, 23,& 24 Vibrational Alignment and Balance Facilitator Training - Brooklyn Park, MN - An Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification


first time ever that this phenomenal, one of a kind training will be offered!! Must be a Certified Hypnotherapy to attend.
July 10 Decorah, IA - co-facilitating a 2 hr discussion on the new VAB Hypnosis with Sonya Satrom
July 11 Decorah, IA - co-facilitating a 5 hr intensive workshop with Sonja Satrom
.July 14, 15, & 16 Peever, SD - private sessions for clients
July 17-19 (approx) Albuquerque, NM - private sessions including the newly developed VAB technique!
Juy 20-22 (approx) Silver City, NM - private sessions and gatherings - to be determined!
July 31, Aug 1 & 2 Silver City, NM - Vibrational Alignment and Balance Facilitator Training (VAB)
  Sometime later August I shall be on the road with Jupiter, my RV, to hold workshops, VAB trainings and private sessions.
Nov 3, 4, & 5 Speaking and doing workshops at the Annual NATH Conference in Virginia Beach, VA (National Assoc of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists)
Nov 6, 7, & 8 Virginia Beach, VA - Vibrational Alignment and Balance Facilitator Certification - an after-conference certification for this NATH Approved training!
  I will be in Greensboro, NM sometime either prior to or after the NATH Conference) and am seriously considering the DFW area, Portland, OR,.
  and Washington State for sometime the later part of 2017... .
  Call if you are interested in me coming to YOUR area of the country. We are READY! Are you??

Unless otherwise noted, the Instructor/Facilitator for each event is Madonna Kettler.

Please Note: This schedule subject to change. Always confirm dates and locations with Madonna if you are planning to participate.
  More information relating to each training can be found below, and in the "Certifications" link on this web site.

Classes in Silver City are held at The Center for Inner Peace
116 West 10th Street (corner of 10th and Grant), Silver City, NM 88061

Classes and workshops in Minnesota are at various locations.

Please call or email to register for any of these classes or workshops, or if you have any questions.
New Mexico 575-534-1291 Minnesota 612-709-5578 (Cell)

Seminars and Workshops
The Center for Inner Peace Presents
Birth, Death & the Afterlife:

Remembering Who We REALLY Are

Who am I, REALLY?

Why am I here?

What happens before birth, after death, and in between our life experience?  Do we really plan the life we are about to be born into?  Do we choose the family, the body, our friends, our greatest antagonists, and our challenges, or is everything fated?  Do we plan all of this alone or are there really Spirit Helpers out there?

  On Friday evening (seminar) Madonna will share case studies, personal experiences, and wisdom as well as make time for Q & A and a short experiential.

Saturday, the workshop will expand on what was shared Friday evening and include experientials (hypnosis, meditation...), discussion, and whatever the group intention calls for— all to facilitate your personal experience, assist you in relaxing, loving yourself more fully, and most importantly,

Are you ready?

For specific dates, locations, and times, see above 2012 schedule.
NOTE: Saturday workshop —please bring a bag lunch.
Cost is $20 per person (Friday evening only)
$99 per person (Friday AND Saturday or Saturday only)

For a limited time only, all  Friday evening participants will be eligible to register and win a Be In Love Oracle Deck!

I AM WOWED Program

(I AM Worthy of Whatever Empowerment Desired)

This program is specifically designed by YOU and your facilitator to help permanently release any distractions, addictions, fears, or blocks that are preventing you from living life fully and consciously.  Examples would include food/eating, relationship issues, abundance, worry, lack of self-confidence, alcohol/drugs, gaming, gambling, smoking, fear, unworthiness, anger, work, TV, etc. This comprehensive, empowering program was developed by Madonna and is based in hypnotherapy, yet throughout the program you will be introduced to various other holistic modalities including but not limited to: fitness, exercise, yoga, massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, nutrition, meditation, art, Reiki/healing, and astrology.  Weekly support, discussion, and group hypnosis sessions will lead you closer to your ultimate dreams, until you create a fulfilled life of your design!

A commitment to your SELF is a worthy commitment!

  Release Fears    Enhance Relationships    Increase Creativity    Improve Self-Confidence
  Improve/Maintain Health & Fitness
  Introduce yourself on a plethora of holistic modalities    Design your personal program

For specific dates, locations, and times, see above 2011 schedule. Class rates will vary according to location - contact Madonna for more information. NOTE: There is an initial supplies fee of $44 to cover cost of the workbook and initial CD (value $60).  Additional CDs will be purchased at a cost of $15 approximately every month or as desired. Your commitment can be anywhere from four to twenty-four weeks, or "as you go".

Sponsored by:   Golden Visions Center, A Non-Profit Corporation and The Center for Inner Peace, LLC

For more information (a brochure) about this award winning, ground-breaking 4 to 24 week program designed by Madonna, AND for the name of a facilitator in YOUR area, please contact her personally. Thanks!

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Certifications


For more information, dates and locations, see "Certification" page. An in-depth, extremely experiential workshop for dedicated men and women who are drawn to incorporate hypnotherapy into their lives and careers. Teachers, counselors, nurses, psychologists, police officers, social workers, holistic practitioners, clergy, medical professionals, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, anyone in the helping and healing professions, or those wishing to improve their personal lifestyles will benefit from this program. If you are ready to enhance your personal life, this is the course for YOU! Anyone interested in expanding their consciousness, transforming their lives as well as the lives of potential clients, will benefit greatly from this workshop. It’s time. Are you ready? Certification through the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists upon completion of requirements. CEU’s available for Hypnotherapists, Massage Therapists, and soon available for Nurses! For more information, check the "Certifications" page on this web site or contact Madonna Kettler.


For more information, dates and locations, see "Certification" page. Included in this program are several modalities of regression hypnotherapy including but not limited to: Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Wounded Child, Somatic Healing, and Spirit Releasement Therapy. To register for this program you must already be a certified hypnotherapist. To become certified by the NATH as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and as a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, you are required to take the full 6 days of regression training, perform the daily experiential exercises successfully, and submit a paper that answers 20 of 40 possible questions of the two volume set: Regression Therapy: A Handbook for Professionals (the textbook). Other recommended reading is Spirit Releasement Therapy by William J. Baldwin, and Remote Depossession by Dr. Irene Hicks. There is a six month deadline for the research paper (20 questions) for this program. CEU's available for Hypnotherapists, Massage Therapists, and soon for Nurses! For more information, check the "Certifications" page. Upon completion of the requirements and you will receive two separate certifications for this course: MHt, and PLRt.


For more information, dates and locations, see "Certification" page. Designed for certified hypnotherapists this advanced training offers specific regression methodologies developed by Dr. Michael Newton that include extensive case histories, deepening exercises for reaching the superconscious state, suggestibility concepts, Cayce concepts, life-between-lives video demonstration, question/answer, experiential learning for each student (as both client and facilitator), and more. In this advanced training you will: Become more proficient in regression for accessing the superconscious realm. You will learn to facilitate, based on the work of Michael Newton, the art of recalling the spirit world, or what the Tibetan Book of the Dead calls the bardo. You will expand your hypnotherapy or past-life therapy practice by offering this cutting edge, life-between-lives regression therapy. You will also experience, and therefore understand more fully, what the profound experience of recalling the spirit world can do for you as well as your potential clients. CEU’s available for Hypnotherapists, Massage Therapists, and soon for Nurses! For more information on this groundbreaking program, see the "Certifications" page.

Other Offerings Not Currently Scheduled

Channel Panel
No classes scheduled at this time. Call if you are interested.

 Learn about and practice using modalities such as self-hypnosis, psychometry, automatic writing, focused meditation, dreams, auras, chakras, and Tarot cards. We will discuss spiritual books, Nature’s messages, the energy of rocks and crystals, channeling, and the proper use of divining tools such as Runes, the pendulum, Angel and other guidance cards.

Each class includes guided meditation or self-hypnosis session focused on achieving a deep trance state in order to facilitate your inherent intuitive and psychic abilities. Have FUN, meet like-minded people, and develop you innate abilities NOW! Facilitator: Madonna Kettler and Karen Lauseng. Fee: to be determined.

Channel Panel  (Call to confirm dates) Sponsored by The Center for Inner Peace.

No dates set currently.  Call if you are interested in either being part of the panel or simply attending!
  These forums would meet once a month from 7-8:30 PM at The Center for Inner Peace, Silver City, NM

Graduates of Golden Visions’ Psychic/Intuitive Development class are opening their doors to the public. Bring your open mind and burning questions! Join the discussion and discover your intuitive potential. These forums will potentially be the Third Tuesdays of each month and will include a panel of psychics/intuitives that will answer questions you may bring to the forum. If your question does not get answered the first time (due to timing), you will be first to ask it the following month. We will also talk about what intuitive and psychic abilities are, how we can use them, and a plethora of other information conversation! Panel of intuitives will vary according to dates available, and there will usually be a minimum of three to answer the questions posed. FUN, informative, and a good way to network!   Facilitators will vary. Fee to be determined.


Learn about past life regression and how it can assist you in your current life. Learn how to enhance your life through altered states of consciousness. There will be a group experience of past life regression where Madonna will guide you through a pleasant past life that will help you understand a bit more about who you are and why you are in your current life. You will also gain knowledge about the difference between the past life and the life-between-lives experience. Discover another piece to your Divine Essence!

Dates/Times: No class scheduled at this time. Contact Madonna if you are interested.


Channel healing while listening to your intuition. Topics include: What is healing • Who can heal • Reasons for illness • Love • Intention • Boundaries • Self-healing • Ethics and healing • Confidentiality • Releasing • Includes meditation and healing exchanges, discussion and spiritual support. Experience your healing gifts in a safe, loving atmosphere. Wear comfortable clothing and bring your lunch. Certification available upon completion.  Fee:  $149.00  Retake fee: $50.00.

Dates/Times: No class scheduled at this time. Contact Madonna if you are interested

…and in conclusion

That about sums it up. Some classes will fly, others will not. Whatever is supposed to happen, will happen, right?
I continue to feel the need to gather weekly, and although I am not certain as to why… am sincerely enjoying the gatherings!!!

Please remember how beautiful and empowered you are. Remember Mother Earth is on the same evolutionary track as humanity is. Remember to BREATHE, and continue to focus on what is for the highest good of all. Walk your talk as well as you are able. Stand true to your personal integrity. Trust that the Universe has a grand, grand plan…and that YOU are an integral part of that plan. How can you best help?

Blessings, Peace, and BE IN LOVE

Contact Madonna Kettler


(575) 534-1291 (NM)
(612) 709-5578 (Cell)

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